Business Marketing On The Internet

Marketing On The Internet


Internet marketing involves a company or business having a website where they advertise their products and services or placing banner adverts on other websites. Today internet marketing is growing and evolving as an integration of components that a business can use to make their products widely known and make more sales without worrying how the business is conducted, either online, partly online or offline. The rules and strategies of a company determine if they will use internet marketing as the major marketing strategy. With the very competitive market today, companies do not have an option but use internet marketing if they want to compete.
Internet marketing will help your company or business achieve to the following:

Pass company’s message

holding phone This is to mean, the company tells more about itself. Explain to its customers what products they deal with, if it is a service company they kind of services they offer and also the kind of services they offer online. It is on their website too that the company will tell their location if they operate physical stores.

Conduct research

Through internet marketing, the company will learn about their customers. They will know their tastes, and when they change, they will also be able to learn of gender, the age of their customers and most importantly learn about their needs hence deliver exactly what they want. This is achieved by providing areas for customer comments on the website.


Companies who operate fully or partially online use their sites to sell their products. If it is a service company, they also sell services and space on their websites.

Components of internet marketing

Internet marketing consists of the following:

A website

A website should consist of texts, images and if possible audio and video messages carrying a message about the company online. This message should be able to tell new and existing customers on the features of their products and services as well as their benefits. If the company operate fully online, then the website should have led to where the customer purchases directly online.

Search engine marketing

search engine optimizationThis involves marketing a company’s website online through search engines by either increasing its organic ranking via search engine optimization or buying pay per click adverts.

Email marketing

This is a method of passing information about your products or service to your customers via the use of email; the methods can also be used to get feedback on products from customers. The company can either collect or buy email addresses of available and expected future customers.